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PORTRAITS (sortie en 2009)

1. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
2. I Fall in Love Too Easily
3. Long Ago and Far Away
4. Stella by Starlight
5. Portrait of the Rain


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 Essence CD de Sonny Greenwich, Image du CD  

ESSENCE (sortie en 2009)

1. Ambleside Days
2. Pretty Women
3. Journey
4. The Gentlest One I Know
5. Someday My Prince Will Come
6. Wintersweet
7. Lose The Blues
8. Stella (In Fugue)
9. I’m Leaving


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 CD Standard Idioms de Sonny Greenwich, image du CD  


1. Sunshower
2. Ultimatum (Red Water Green Earth)
3. Memories of Miles
4. Let Your Heart Sing
5. Cathedrale
6. Mandela

Nominé meilleur album de jazz Mainstream aux Juno en 1993.


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"Free of the usual guitarisms, his playing is... designed for musical purposes rather than to just impress. Regardless of the groove or harmonic structure... Greenwich's solos gracefully develop with
undeniable elegance and sincerity... Beautiful work by a guitarist whose music is cuts above."

Jim Ferguson - JazzTimes, décembre 1994

As with the best players, Greenwich lives the music (rather than merely regurgitating the past)
and he feels free to extend, bend and occasionally break through the
artificial roles currently plaguing the tradition. The result is an exciting
and surprisingly unpredictable set of inventive jazz.

Scott Yanow - CODA, été 1995



 Image du CD Hymn to the Earth de Sonny Greenwich  


1. Hymn to the Earth
2. Nature Prays
3. Ethiopia
4. The Nightingale
5. Serengeti
6. Invocation
7. Quetzalcoatl
8. Cleo's Dance

Nominé meilleur album de jazz contemporain aux Juno en 1994.


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"...magician Sonny Greenwich picks out forthright, elegant themes with serene power..."
The Toronto Star, décembre 94

"...last year I received 600 CD's. I would say that Hymn to the Earth may have been my favorite..."
Brian Turner - Hôte du programme radiophonique " The Feeling of Jazz ", février 95


 Spirit in the Air by Sonny Greenwich CD Cover  


1. El Niño
2. Free Form
3. Black Beauty
4. Far Country
5. Raga
6. Spirit in the Air

Nominé meilleur album de jazz contemporain aux Juno en 1996.


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Three and a half stars
"Greenwich presents buoyant... tunes with tasteful guitar lines creating introspective, spiritual moods... Spirit in the Air remains accessible and melodic with an undercurrent of mystery."

Jon Andrews - DOWN BEAT, mars 97

"As smooth and warm as a shift in the jet stream Spirit in the Air bristles with a quiet turbulence... sympathetic patterns simmer below the surface as Greenwich's melodic guitar lines build to a steamy climax."
" The Jazz Report ", automne 96


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